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Harlem Globetrotters Coming to Town!

I can still remember my first experience watching the Harlem Globetrotters. Grant it, it was pretty unique. One of my friend’s grandfathers was a retired Harlem Globetrotter. He came and did a mini exhibition at our elementary school. I think my mouth was opened the whole time. I vividly remember some of the stunts he did 20ish years later. Now that my boys are a little older, I think it is time to expose them to this insane talent. Or maybe my husband and I are using them as an excuse to go! At the bottom of this post there are links for 25% off! Hope you take advantage and take some kids/family/friends!

Celebrating 90 years of providing smiles, sportsmanship and service to millions of people worldwide, the world famous Harlem Globetrotters will bring their unrivaled family show to an arena near you during their 90th Anniversary World Tour. On the court, the Globetrotters’ 90-year celebration will feature some of the greatest athletes and entertainers on the planet. With a star-studded roster featuring Big Easy Lofton, Ant Atkinson, Hi-Lite Bruton, Thunder Law, Bull Bullard and Cheese Chisholm – plus female stars TNT Maddox and Sweet J Ekworomadu* – the Globetrotters’ one-of-a-kind show is unrivaled in the world of family entertainment. Every game will showcase incredible ball handling wizardry, rim-rattling dunks, trick shots, hilarious comedy and unequaled fan interaction. You won’t want your family to miss it – use promo code FAMFUN to save 25% off your tickets.

25% off Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary World Tour – The world famous Harlem Globetrotters will bring their unrivaled family show to an arena near you during their 90th Anniversary World Tour. You won’t want your family to miss it – use promo code FAMFUN to save 25% off your tickets. .@usfg



Graco Simple Sway Swing + Organic Onesie Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce my first giveaway! I am partnering with Bare Feet On the Dashboard and we are giving away the Graco Simple Sway Swing and an Organic Onesie. Baby swings are such a wonderful invention. Ours was a lifesaver with our babes. Sometimes our swing was the only way our babies would sleep. This swing will be an extra set of hands for you.

Before I was a mom, I did not think a swing was necessary. In my idealistic pre-mom mind, I only wanted to have a few baby things. We were also only going to use cloth diapers and have mainly wooden toys. I can laugh at my thinking now. All of those things are great, but before you have a baby you don’t realize how much sleep you lose and how nice it is to have help. Thankfully my mom knew better and got us a swing the week before my first son was born. I have such sweet memories of getting to drink my coffee after a long night while watching my first born sleep in the swing. I also was able to cook supper and eat it with both hands because of our lovely swing. We used our swing so much when our boys were babies. Sometimes I wish I could still put them in a swing and let them be lulled to sleep, ha!

Enter bellow for your chance to win!

Graco Simple Sway Swing and Onesie Giveaway $105 Value Ends 317If you have a new baby or one on the way, we’ve got the giveaway for you. A baby swing will help soothe your little one, become the perfect place for naps, and allow you to eat dinner with BOTH hands. That, my friends, is a luxury when a new baby comes along. Enter to win an awesome Graco® Simple Sway™ Swing and organic Graco onesie from Bare Feet on the Dashboard using the Rafflecopter form below. If you have trouble seeing the giveaway entry form on your mobile device, please visit this link to enter or switch to classic mode.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Thankful Tree

Easy way to help your family be thankful

I am so on top of things. So on top in fact, that I just took down our thankful tree from this Thanksgiving.  To my credit, I have had our Christmas decorations down for a solid month. Part of the reason I left the tree was because during the winter months, the art of giving thanks is just harder for me. It was 10 degrees this morning with a windchill of -6. That means that it actually feels like -6 outside. That is bone chilling cold. My lovely and wonderful sister in law (also one of my best friends) makes fun of me for always mentioning the windchill. What can I say, she knows I’m a cold weather wimp and now you do as well. When it is cold and we can’t play outside, I start to long for spring and summer and wish these cold days away. It is easier for me to complain than to remember all that I have.

Easy way to help your family be thankful

This Thankful Tree was a craft I did during MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I highly recommend MOPS by the way. We made the tree and then cut out some of the leaves during our crafts workshop back in October. The idea of the tree is to help promote a home that is thankful. To voice that we are thankful for each other, for time together, for sweet specific moments with our children (loved ones), for experiences we share, and for things that we already have. My children are so young that they didn’t fully grasp what it meant, but I do believe little seeds were planted. This tree was still so good for me to do. As a mom, I believe we set the tone of our home. I’m striving for contentment which is very opposite from our culture.

Easy way to help your family be thankful

I love my husband and his sense of humor. His first leaf said “Thankful for a wife that is all about that bass!”. I wrote down what my boys were thankful for. It will be fun to look back and remember how much they loved playing hide and seek and how they loved to be held close while we read to them. These things are gifts and are worth remembering. I’m actually contemplating making a Flower Thankful Wall (just doing the same thing with flowers). I may wait a month to do that because I am loving the clean wall.

Easy way to help your family be thankful

I haven’t done this yet, but I will: laminate the leaves, punch a hole in them, and put them on a ring. This will be a new ornament for our Christmas tree next year.

I would love to hear how you help set the tone for your home. Do you have any ideas to help raise kids who are thankful? I would love to hear them.

Easy way to help your family be thankful

Thanks for reading!


My first thankful flower will say “Thankful for my brand new baby niece born today!”