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One of My Loves

Seeing how I’m new to this blog thing, you might expect for me to talk about my faith, husband, or sweet babes. But no I chose for my first post to be about a different love.

My love of reading. I have always known that I love to read.  My mom and dad read to us most nights when we were little. I remember my dad reading the most because he used awesome voices and was so very animated. I can still hear his Reepicheep voice from Narnia.  Somehow during our first years of marriage, I just didn’t read as much.

Well this last year I made it a resolution to read more fiction. Why fiction? Because I freaking love it. I wanted to do something for the pure enjoyment of it. So fiction it was. In 2014 I read SOOO many books. January started out with some Francine Rivers goodness. A couple I had read before and then some newbies. Then I got addicted to The Outlander Series, The Divergent Series (Lord help me), and The Wingfeather Saga. Usually I read book series. It’s fun to get to know the characters on a deeper level that way (NERD ALERT!). Anyway, I think I probably aged a couple years in the last year because I would consistently stay up till 2 in the morning reading. I have 2 small boys who are 14 months apart.  So was this wise? Absolutely not. I had to be on at 7 or 730am or whatever time they woke up.  So yes, I probably aged some with lack of sleep. But I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

Recently, I read an article about how people who read fiction are better friends because they are more empathetic. My friends and husband should feel pretty blessed, ha! Anyway the article used a study from Emory University where they compared fiction readers vs non readers’ brains. Sounds pretty legit, if you ask me.

So why am I writing about this?

Hmmm, well because it’s been on my mind. That’s what I will mostly be writing about on this blog. Anything that’s been on my heart or in my head that I think is worthy of sharing. Plus I think it’s so important for us to read so that we can be examples for our kids. Both my boys LOVE to read. I think because since they were able to hold there heads up my husband and I have read to them. We want our kids to be empathetic friends right?

So here are some things we do to create this love relationship with our boys and books:

Carve out time on the daily to read.

Reading before bed is a great idea and can create a nice “bedtime routine”. Reading when they first wake up can be a nice way to get some snuggles in while they are still sleepy eyed. Really you don’t have to be schedule-y about it.

Reading provides some of the best snuggles. Tips to promote reading in toddlers.

Have books easily accessable:

It could be a fancy reading nook or a comfy pillow on the floor next to a basket of books. I have always had a basket of books next to their rocker.  We have books in a few places. I just want it to be easy for them to grab a book. It is so fun to walk into a room and see their sweet little noggins in a book.

Make Books an option instead of screen time:

Sometimes it would be so much easier to just plop them in front of a screen instead of read to them. If one of my boys is cranky, 9 out of 10 times a book will help set them back in a better mood. They love interaction with us and they love to be close to us. So reading just makes sense. And don’t get me wrong, there is definitely times where we need a little Daniel Tiger or Curious George.

Have a Book Rotation System:

This sounds complicated, but it’s just not. My kids have their favorite books that they could read over and over again. I will keep those out. I will put the books they haven’t looked at in awhile away. That way it is less clutter in your home, plus it gives the books novelty (get it, haha) when you bring them back out again.

Find a 2nd Hand Book Store

You don’t need to buy every book brand new. Find a good 2nd hand store close or go to the library. Ask for books as presents. Some of our favorite books have been given to us by friends and family. There are so many places to get books.

So what are your all time FAVORITE books? I need to add them to my list.  What about kids’ books? Any other reading thoughts?

Thanks for reading!